Review of Fortune Wheel

Review of Fortune Wheel

Some casino games are designed to be as sophisticated and intricate as possible, appealing to players who want to test their talents and gain every potential edge against the house. But although challenging your mind and making difficult choices may be a lot of fun, sometimes you need something much simpler to play — something you can play on autopilot while still getting your betting action fix.

The “huge wheel” is a casino fixture that is not dissimilar to similar games seen at carnivals and game shows. The principle is straightforward: if you correctly predict where the wheel will stop, you win a reward. In fact, we’ve essentially explained the whole game in a single statement. There are several variants of this kind of gambling, and numerous online gambling software developers provide their own version of this game of chance. One such game is Fortune Wheel, which adheres to the formula precisely.

Make Your Best Guess

In Fortune Wheel, you may wager on which of seven possible outcomes a giant spinner will land on after being spun. A ticker at the top of the gadget might possibly stop on one of seven distinct sorts of 52 locations. Each of these sorts is denoted by a distinct letter and a distinct color, so it is never difficult to determine what you are looking at. In the table below the game, the rewards for the different positions are also shown.

Each location has an equal probability of getting chosen, but not every hue is equally represented. There are 24 pockets for the even money yellow wins, 12 for the purple wins, eight for the red, four for the green, two for the orange, and one each for the F and G blue wins.

This game could not be much simpler to play. At the beginning of each spin, you will be able to pick your betting amount and then gamble on any of the seven possible wagers. These are shown on a layout at the bottom of the screen, with a wide betting space for each. You may place as many bets as you want on each spin; if you choose, you can even place all seven bets at once to ensure a return (though you’ll need to hit one of the larger rewards to really show a profit in this scenario).

Once you are pleased with your wagers, you may activate the game by clicking the enormous green “spin” button. The wheel will spin for a few seconds before stopping at a random location and disclosing the winning wager. All lost wagers are collected at this time, while winning wagers are paid at the right odds.

This is approximately all the information required to play this game. After each spin, there are many buttons that make it simple to continue playing. If you choose to make the same wagers as the previous spin, the “rebet” option will immediately reproduce your previous wagers. If you are using a betting strategy, you may also utilize the “double” button, which does the same thing but doubles all of your prior wagers. The clear bet option will allow you to start from beginning if you’ve inadvertently placed wagers where you didn’t want to.

Aware of the Odds

Fortune Wheel is, in many respects, a simpler form of roulette. As it turns out, the way the casino puts up the betting alternatives is also rather similar: regardless of your decisions or how you distribute your money on the table, the house advantage is the same for all betting options in this game. This implies that there is no strategy to consider and no possibility to make a “bad” option.

The house advantage is derived from the fact that although all wagers pay out equally for a 48-space spinner, the Fortune Wheel contains 52 places. Thus, the advantage is 4/52, or 7.69 percent. That’s greater than in roulette, but it’s not surprising: if a casino is eager to make things easier for you, they often make the chances a little worse in exchange.

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